Aquabot Turbo

A Completely Independent Pool Filtration System

Need A Little Extra...

Aquabot Turbo comes with extra features designed to cover your in-ground pool bottom as well as the walls and waterline a little more efficiently.

The adjustable timer allows you to clean for a little longer and an extended cable gets you the length you need for longer pools.

MSRP: $1029.99

Available In Store & Online

Key Features & Performance

Product/Pool Features:

  • For In-Ground Pools
  • Shape: Rectangle, Lap, Kidney, L-Shape, Round, Oval
  • Surfaces: Works With All Surfaces Except Tile
  • Pool to Wall Transition: 90° Angle


  • Input Electrical Requirements: 120 VAC/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 230 Watts
  • Cable Length: 60'
  • Non-Marring Wheels
  • Dimentions: 21"x 19"x 18"
  • Shipping Weight: 36lbs


  • Active Scrubbing Brushes


  • Floor, Wall, and Waterline
  • 1-7 Hour Programmable Timer
    or Continuous Run Feature

Water Mixing Capability

  • 70 Gallons per Minute

Filter Type

  • Fine Bag (2 Microns)
  • Bottom Loading


  • 2 Years, 1st year 100%,
    2nd year limited


  • Filters down to 2 microns
  • Downloads & Support

    Aquabot Turbo Operators Manual

    Two Year Warranty
    (1st year 100%, 2nd year limited)

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    UPC#  812729010099

  • Testimonial

    “The pool cleaner works so well that we have called it the Million Dollar Man because it is so sophisticated. My wife and our 5 year old granddaughter sat outside watching it clean our 18 by 36 pool. It did great in the deep and the shallow end but we were amazed to see it climb walls. But the most exciting part came when it actually climbed the pool steps and it cleaned all three of them. Your product is amazing. We love it. Thank you so much and may God Bless.”
     –Stephen W.
    "p.s. Your product sure makes it easy on us 63 year old folks. Thanks again."

    "Great product that provided years of service"
    I purchased my Aquabot Turbo about 9 seasons ago to service my 14x28 built in pool in the Northeast. I'll use it daily for the first week or so after opening the pool in the spring and then about once or twice a week thereafter depending on weather and pool use. This significantly reduces the number of times I need to hand vacuum the pool - a job I hate doing and rather spend swimming. Using the Aquabot reduces my hand vacuuming to about 3-4x each season. The Aquabot does a great job cleaning the pool and follows a good random pattern covering about 95% of the bottom and walls. At the end of the cleaning cycle if I see it missed a spot, I'll guide it there to finish the job. When I first got the unit it needed to be set-up correctly for buoyancy so it climbs the walls and stairs correctly. Once set, I haven't had to adjust it since. It will move across the pool, up the sides and then crawl along the wall for a few seconds/minutes then reverse direction down the wall to the other side of the pool. When it reaches a jet it may stop there or get pushed out away from the wall but either way it will reverse direction after a few minutes and start a new course. When it reaches the ladder it may get stuck there but that's only until it reverses and will then move away to the other side of the pool. On occasion it will get stuck on the center drain and slowly spin around on the drain. When this happens, a light tug on the cord will dislodge it and move it on its way. I found someone who sells a ramp to put around the drain to solve this problem but I usually use the Aquabot when I'm home so I periodically check to make sure it's moving OK.

    In the 9 years I've had the unit I've only had to replace the brushes and a cracked propeller. The brushes lasted about 5 years and started to dry out so it was time. Understable given the age and chlorine environment. They were easy to replace and cost around $80. The propeller was around $12 and I only needed to remove 2 screws on the top - an easy 2 minute job. All parts were easy to get from third party suppliers. The bag still works great but probably getting time for a new one since the elastic is worn. Will likely order one this year. It's a fine mesh bag and does a great job picking up very fine particles and sand. My pool is surrounded by a paver patio and the sand filler used between the pavers frequently washes into the pool. A quick run of the Aquabot gets all the sand and saves me having to vacuum. If the pool is full of leaves, the bag will fill quickly but that's expected - it's doing its job. You can usually tell when the bag is getting full or clogged with sediment when it has trouble climbing the walls. A quick removal and cleaning of the bag gets it back to normal. I've found the bag easy to remove and clean. Two tabs on the bottom removes the bag and carrier - a couple of rinses in a bucket of water and it's done. I see some people complaining about the yucky things it picks up - again, it's doing its job and I'd rather have it in the bag then in my pool.

    Overall the Aquabot has done a great job cleaning my pool over the years and I'll definitely get another if this one were to die - although I think it will still be around for while.