BWT Robotic pool cleaners

The efficiency of BWT keeps your pool beautiful and clean

BWT Robotic pool cleaners provide impeccable cleaning, clear water and immaculate surfaces.

BWT robotic pool cleaners

Pool Cleaners

For a beautifully clean pool!

It is important to clean your pool regularly so that you can continue to enjoy it throughout the season. As well as treating the water, the floor, walls, and water line must be cleaned. Luckily, BWT robotic pool cleaners are there to help you with this task.

These little helpers perform in-depth cleaning, keeping the water clear and surfaces spotless. To take ease of use one step further, choose a connected model, and take control of the robotic cleaner using your smartphone or tablet. Your pool is always sparkling clean!

Discover BWT robotic pool cleaners

BWT D600
BWT D600

BWT B line

Ideal for above-ground pools and small pools

  • Improved filtration performance thanks to the 4D filters
  • Cleans in a single pass
  • Easy and pleasant to use
  • 4 scrubbing wheel brushes and 1 additional rotating brush
BWT Poolroboter B200 Video BWT Poolroboter B200 Video

BWT D line

Ideal for all types of pools

  • Compatible with every surface finish
  • 4D hyperfine, microfiber filter
  • Height adjustable intake valves to optimize suction power
  • Fast cleaning
  • Some models can be controlled remotely using an APP
D300 D300

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