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Everything we do is with the aim of providing you with the very best quality pool water. You can dive straight in safe in the knowledge that you are swimming in pure, hygienically clean water. Our years of water treatment expertise bring even more comfort to your bathing experience. Our customers enjoy silky soft water that leaves their skin smooth and soft and their hair silky and shiny. Nor do we believe pool maintenance should be hard work. Our robotic pool cleaners feature the most powerful suction on the market, nothing escapes. The patented on-board smart navigation algorithm ensures that most efficient cleaning route is followed every time. The results, a spotlessly clean pool, speak for themselves.

Improved water quality

Our next generation hyperfine 4D filters trap even the smallest micro-particles, contaminants, debris and bacteria for better water quality.



Afford­able main­te­nance

Our robotic pool cleaners offer an affordable, reliable pool maintenance solution so you can enjoy a high-quality swimming experience without the hard work.

Quality built in

Our robotic pool cleaners undergo rigorous quality reviews and testing to ensure reli­a­bility and dura­bility, so you can have confi­dence that they’ll perform time and again.

We have a robotic pool cleaning solution for private pools of every type up to 15 metres long. Whether you are looking to clean the floor, floor and walls, or floor, walls and waterline, we have the right model for you. What’s more, our robotic cleaners are compatible with all pool waterproofing finishes. For even more ease of you, we offer models that can be remotely controlled from your smartphone or tablet using a free app.

Resi­den­tial pool cleaners


Our robotic pool cleaners offer an afford­able, reli­able pool main­te­nance solu­tion so you can enjoy a high-quality swim­ming expe­ri­ence without the hard work.


Ideal for above-ground pools and small pools

  • Improved filtration performance thanks to the 4D filters
  • Cleans in a single pass
  • Easy and pleasant to use
  • 4 scrubbing wheel brushes and 1 additional rotating brush
BWT Poolroboter B200 Video BWT Poolroboter B200 Video

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Commercial pool cleaners

Whether you are operating one pool or many, whether they’re outdoor or covered, public or private, whatever the shape and size, we have the pool cleaning solution for you.
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