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World leading quality robotic pool cleaners by Aquatron

As the creators of the acclaimed Aquabot brand, we are known around the world for our extensive range of robotic swimming pool cleaners.



For more than twenty years Aqua­tron has set the industry stan­dard for Robotic Pool Cleaners. As the creators of the acclaimed Aquabot brand, we are known around the world for our exten­sive range of robotic swim­ming pool cleaners. With solu­tions for both resi­den­tial and commer­cial appli­ca­tions, what­ever the size or shape of pool - we have a robotic pool cleaner for it. Our advanced pool cleaning tech­nology removes more debris and fine parti­cles than any other on the market while also minimising the amount of chem­i­cals needed. The result is a safer, cleaner and healthier swim­ming envi­ron­ment.

Our vision - crystal clear

Our commitment to better water quality means we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions in robotic pool cleaning. Over the years our in-house R&D department has pioneered major state-of-the-art developments in pool cleaning, with further advancements currently being explored. Our engineers also work to improve the quality, durability and user-friendly capabilities of our units.

Quality is in our DNA. As a result, our automatic pool cleaners are designed with quality in mind from the very beginning. From conception to R&D to engineering to final production, every pool cleaning unit undergoes multiple reviews and quality inspections in order to guarantee reliability and durability.

We apply these same standards of quality to our after-sales service. We have a network of service centres and distributors in over 40 countries – we take the time to train, certify and guide them personally. This means our customers’ cleaners are serviced with Aquatron’s standards at heart. Our vision - crystal clear

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