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Frequently Asked Ques­tions

What types of pools are BWT B100 robotic pool cleaners suitable for?

We recommend the BWT B100 robotic pool cleaner for above-ground pools and small pools.

Expert’s recommendation: rectangular above-ground pools with a ladder, up to 8m long.

Which parts of the pool does a BWT B100 robotic pool cleaner clean?

The BWT B100 robotic pool cleaner vacuums the pool floor, trapping dirt and debris in its unique 4D filter.

Why choose a robotic pool cleaner?

The BWT robotic pool cleaner cleans your pool reliably; it gets to work all by itself, with no need for any intervention. It is entirely independent; there is no added burden on your pool’s filtration system. The BWT B100 robotic pool cleaner has a suction intake rate of 19m³/hour and a smart navigation system that optimises the pool cleaning path, this means that your pool is cleaned quickly using a lot less energy.

Does the robotic pool cleaner need to be connected to the filtration system?

No, the BWT robotic pool cleaner cleans and filters the pool water entirely independently, thanks to its unique 4D filtration system.

Is the robotic pool cleaner compatible with salt-water pools?

Yes, the BWT robotic pool cleaner is compatible with salt-water pools with a salt concentration of up to 4000ppm.

Note: the robotic pool cleaner must be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water after each use.

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