Aquabot Classic Platinum

Cleans pool floors, cove, wall and waterline - Climbs 90° walls with ease

Aquabot Classic Platinum: Deep cleans scrubs and vacuums pool floors, coves, walls and waterline. The Platinum navigates your pool with our patented AquaSmart navigation system, that scans your pool for the quickest most efficient clean. It's Super Grip PVC brush's  deliver deep cleaning and climbing prowess. The Platinum deep cleans pool surfaces with optional 1 Hr., 1.5 Hr. or 2 Hr. cleaning cycles and includes an easy-to-clean self-contained filter cartridge and or fine 2 micron filtration bag system. The Platinum also features a long 60 foot cable with  swivel which helps prevent tangling. Deep cleanings costs less than 5 cents per cycle hour - Plug-n-play, no pre-installation needed and no connections to existing pool systems. Self-programmed for optimal pool scanning. 2 Year Warranty


Available In Store & Online

Key Features & Performance

Product/Pool Features:

  • For In-Ground Pools
  • Shape: Rectangle, Lap, Kidney, L-Shape, Round, Oval
  • Surfaces: Vinyl, Gunite/Concrete, Fiberglass. Except Tile
  • Pool to Wall Transition: 90 Degree Angle
  • Patented AquaSmart navigation system
  • Patented AquaSmart Navigation System
  • Aquabot® No Tangle Swivel NEW  
    prevents cable from tangeling


  • Electrical Requirements: 120VAC / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 230W
  • Dimensions: 20" x 18"x 21"
  • Shipping Weight: 39.6 lbs
  • Cable Length: 60'


  • Dual Super Grip PVC Brushes for Excellent Traction


  • Pool Floor, Walls, Cove, and Waterline
  • Cleaning Cycles: Optional 1 Hr., 1.5 Hr. or 2 Hr. Settings
  • Timer - Continuous Run Feature

Water Mixing Capability

  • 70 Gallons per Minute

Filter Type

  • Choice Between Ultra Fine Self-contained 2 Micron Bag or EZ Clean Basket Filtration System


  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Downloads & Support

    Aquabot Classic Platinum Operators Manual

    Two Year Warranty 


    SAVE up to $200

    Offer Valid: 4/1/18 - 7/31/18

  • Testimonial

    “The pool cleaner works so well that we have called it the Million Dollar Man because it is so sophisticated. My wife and our 5 year old granddaughter sat outside watching it clean our 18 by 36 pool. It did great in the deep and the shallow end but we were amazed to see it climb walls. But the most exciting part came when it actually climbed the pool steps and it cleaned all three of them. Your product is amazing. We love it. Thank you so much and may God Bless.”
     –Stephen W.
    "p.s. Your product sure makes it easy on us 63 year old folks. Thanks again."