Aquabot Viva

Remote Control Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot Viva is designed to clean any residential pool up to 80’ long in size.  Thanks to the patented Aqua Smart System, the Viva will automatically brush, vacuum and micro filter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool's floor and walls, while scrubbing the waterline ... all in approximately 1 hour! 


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Key Features & Performance

Product/Pool Features:

  • For In-Ground Pools
  • Shape: Rectangle, Lap, Kidney, L-Shape, Round, Oval
  • Surfaces: Ideal for Tile,Vinyl, Gunite/Concrete, Fiberglass
  • Pool to Wall Transition: 90 degrees
  • Equipped with Hydro-Robotic Technology


  • Includes Caddy
  • Input Electrical Requirements:
    115 VAC/60Hz 
    24 V at cleaner 
  • Power Consumption: 140 Watts
  • Cable Length: 75'


  • Patented PVA Brushes


  • Cleans Pool Floor and Wall
  • Aqua Smart System
  • Timer Settings: Automatic Shut Off

Water Mixing Capability:

  • 91.6 Gallons per Minute

Filter Type:

  • Bottom Loading
  • Extra large reusable filter bag


  • 4 Years
    (1st Year 100%, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year Limited)

Aquabot has revolutionized the remote control robotic pool cleaner

Aquatic Distributors proudly brings you the next generation Aquabot Viva (The Most Advanced Remote Control Pool Cleaner) for your inground swimming pool! This state-of-the-art pool machine comes equipped with “Smart Control”, a unique and easily understandable control panel that allows you to customize the Vivas’s speed, climbing prowess, hours of operation, size and shape of the pool, type of deep end, and even when the filter needs cleaning.

Comes equipped with our patented PVA Brushes. Originally designed to climb the slick tile walls of pools, PVA Brushes offer 100% greater traction,virtually clinging to the walls providing unequaled gripping ability. This special material lasts twice as long as conventional rubber brushes and resists oil,bacteria,algae and other contaminants" Specify Rubber Brushes only if your pool is "rough concrete".

Aquabot Viva — Now With Aquacontrol Technology

The new Aquabot Viva features a revolutionary RADIO REMOTE CONTROL which gives the Viva the ability to clean any area of the pool at the touch of a button!

In addition, the new VIVA employs a very carefully engineered, state-of-the-art Aquacontrol technology allowing communication with the device. This unique control keypad gives the end-user the ability to customize the robot in order to change the program, choose different features, and have complete control of the cleaning parameters.

The Aquacontrol is a unique control panel which allows you to communicate directly with the robot and customize it. This Human Machine Interface gives you the option to program different parameters so the pool can always be cleaned as efficiently as possible. Be sure to select each feature to the best of your knowledge in order to get the maximum lifetime out of the robot. If you prefer not to select any features, the robot will work in default mode and choose the parameters for you.


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    Four Year Limited Warranty
    Full Warranty Coverage (B2B) for 1st Year, 
    Limited Coverage for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year
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  • Testimonial

    “When I purchased my home in 1996, it came with Vinny, a well-used (and worn out) Aquabot. By the end of my first season, I had to rebuild my pool (don’t ask – suffice it to say that I purchased the “house form hell”) and Vinny was on his last legs. Although my pool had been built to accomodate a Polaris cleaner, I’d like the way my Aquabot climbed the walls and stairs, whereas the Polaris didn’t do either. So I ordered myself a Turbo right there on the spot. I named him little Dave, and he spent 13 years keeping my pool spotless. I had tuned him up every year and he loves his work.” –Sue E.