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The UR400 APP is a premium Robotic Pool Cleaner designed to make life easier for residential pool owners. It ensures optimum cleaning of pools of any shape up to 12 m long and can adapt to any pool waterproofing finish.


Contemporary design and cutting-edge technology for superior results

The aquabot UR400 APP is a premium-range robotic pool cleaner designed to thoroughly clean residential pools, leaving them spotless every single time. Powered by the patented AquaSmart Gyro System, it uses a smart navigation algorithm to intelligently scan the pool and compute the optimum route to clean the pool‘s floor, walls, and waterline. This, together with its PVA brushes that grip and scrub any surface, and its 4D hyperfine filters capable of trapping even the tiniest microparticles, makes the aquabot UR400 APP a stand out choice to keep residential pools sparkling clean.


Pool cleaning made easy

Every single detail of the aquabot UR400 APP was designed with the pool owner‘s comfort in mind – from its premium trolley to facilitate transport and storage, through to its transparent easy view windows to monitor filter fouling. Its ergonomic design and handgrip make handling effortless when it’s time to put the cleaner to work. With the push a button, the 4D filter is released and can be removed from above, opened and cleaned – without getting your hands dirty!


Unmatched suction power

aquabot robotic pool cleaners‘ suction power can be doubled through precise adjustment of the height of their intake valves. The closer they are to the surface being vacuumed, the more powerful the suction. Suction can be adjusted to efficiently capture the type of debris to be picked up. Higher for larger debris, or set down low to effortlessly remove even grains of sand.


Plug in and play

With the touch of a button the UR400 APP gets to work, once it has finished its cleaning cycle it shuts itself down automatically.



Using the Smartphone APP that you can download free of charge from the AppleStore or PlayStore, control is at your finger tips. You can start and stop your UR400 APP remotely, navigate freely to direct your pool cleaner to problem areas, even modify and save cleaning programs.


The finest filtration performance on the market

Aquabot robotic pool cleaners are fitted with 4D filters, exclusive four dimensional filters that clean 4 times better than any other. The filter fabric features elastic, 3D loops that trap even the smallest micro-particles while the vibrating motion helps prevent filter clogging to maintain a constant suction rate.

Pool image
Pool image

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